Energy & Water

Developing 100% clean energy at scale for AHNAKOT and ultimately the entire planet. Via unravel wind and solar resources, and through the world’s largest hydrogen plant, we will incubate and accelerate renewable solutions. Our goal is to move beyond zero carbon to a circular economy, using future thinking to drive the change.

At AHNAKOT our success is driven by our people and the talent they bring to delivering our shared vision. Relationships and knowledge are at the heart of good investment. This is why we will have our own teams on the ground in Germany, Israel and Silicon Valley. The combination of these teams means we will build a deep knowledge of the current and future energy landscape and ecosystem, which in turn allows us to find the best opportunities to invest in and grow ambitious start-ups.

We believe that bringing people with different talents and experiences together, and investing in their strengths, skills and capabilities, is key to the success of Energy AHNAKOT .

The global energy landscape is changing, and fast. But how rapidly and to what extent is still up for debate. AHNAKOT have answers to these critical questions translate to hundreds of billions of dollars in investment decisions, city planning programs, and environmental costs. Beyond profits, millions of livelihoods are at stake.

Powering A Sustainable and Profitable Energy Transition on Digital Solutions

Decarbonization requires balance between legacy systems and emerging technologies. Between the environment and business economies.  

Solving the energy transition trilled

Sustainable Energy Transition

AHNAKOT and an increasing number of people are committed to combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions while meeting industrial and consumer demand for clean, reliable energy.

Reliable Energy Transition

As the industry converts to cleaner energy and variable renewable sources like wind and solar become more available, utilities must balance the power mix to ensure electricity is available when and where it’s needed.