Design & Construction

With sustainability as a founding principle, AHNAKOT will reshape the construction industry, creating a blueprint for planning, designing and, ultimately, building the communities of the future.

AHNAKOT Design and Construction is bringing together experts from around the world to create the blueprint for planning, designing, installing and operating the construction industry of tomorrow in a sustainable way.

Generative design and automation are changing the game In architecture, AHNAKOT challenged to consider many global trends—rapid urbanization, diminishing resources, and labor shortages—and find the fittest solution in the shortest time to deliver high-quality projects in a sustainable way.

AHNAKOT Architects are creating the future by shaping the built environment for generations to come. Autodesk is making it possible by powering tomorrow’s workflows with the most advanced solutions available today.


Process automation and extensive scientific research now allows previously initialized, underutilized or undiscovered materials to be used in building construction. The new cost-effectiveness of these unique, non-traditional materials expands architects’ options beyond standard brick-and-mortar designs.

And with our ever-growing emphasis on sustainability, architects can now recommend unprecedented, eco-friendly materials such as:

  • bricks grown from bacteria ,
  • self-healing concrete 
  • pollution- absorbing pavement .

 These process and infrastructure innovations open the doors to brand new possibilities in design. And with that in mind, Daniel Burnham’s words challenge us anew to “Make no small plans.”