Ahnakot France Harbor District

The AHNAKOT FRANCE HARBOR DISTRICT will be based on the city of Saint Tropez in France and will have a capacity for accommodating at least 5,000 people.

The port with 800 berths and two marinas hosts ships, including ferries.

The city on the sea is incredibly young – it was created in the 1960s by the French architect François Spoerry, who adopted the system of Venetian canals, and is sometimes called “French Venice”. However, its coast boasts fishing houses, very characteristic of the cult Saint Tropez.

The city serves as a port for boat owners, who park their boats in front of their houses basically, and there is almost no other traffic. Colorful houses and lush greenery make it look such a picturesque place. City markets and shops provide everything you need for a pleasant stay in this peaceful oasis. There is a lot of
accommodation for travelers here, because Port AHNAKOT promotes tourism.

Saint Tropez is as bright and glamorous as possible – the rich, famous and beautiful come here to flaunt their belongings on the golden sands of the beaches of the French Riviera. They also shop in the city’s famous luxury and advanced fashion boutiques, drink and dance to the tunes of his unsurpassed chic nightlife scene and soak up the vibes of his enduringly rich.