Ahnakot Marina District

AHNAKOT MARINA DISTRICT will be the main Residential district in AHNAKOT SMART CITY KOH KONG, CAMBODIA with total investment value of approximately USD 50 Billion across over 4,000 hectares of land.

The Marina will comprise of 200 residential and hotel high rise towers, 5000 Luxury Single Villa, each including 5000 square meters of land with total investment cost of USD 50 Billion.

Moreover, AHNAKOT MARINA will be designed and constructed as a canal city based on the concept of historical Venetian Tradition, carved along a four-mile stretch of shoreline.

The development is intended to accommodate more than 200,000 people in luxury condominium towers and villas perched atop a dynamic waterfront-retail promenade

The development includes the following zones:

  • Residential zone
  • Commercial zone
  • Retail zone
  • Shopping zone
  • Hotel zone