Ahnakot Agricultural City District

AHNAKOT AGRICULTURAL CITY will be the largest agriculture city in the ASEAN region with total investment value of approximately USD 5 Billion across over 4,000 hectares of land, accommodating approximately 120,000 people.

The new community will be located near the Biederberg shopping center and close to agricultural land and livestock farms and offers easy access to top locations in the city of AHNAKOT. Experience comfort close to everything in your lifestyle, from shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment to churches, temples and more, in just minutes.

COMMUNITY: Bilderberg City will feature four separate communities within it, each with relaxation pools, sports facilities, parks, bike trails, a shared vegetable farm and peaceful ponds. The new community will have low-budget hotels with restaurants and a supermarket with all products from nearby farms and agricultural land.

BILDERBERG AGRICULTURAL CITY : It will also have a luxury residential building BILDERBERG The city offers a luxurious living experience, located among the rolling hills and lush green areas. The City takes into account all aspects of your lifestyle, with spacious homes, open plans, undulating green landscapes, sports facilities and countless facilities.

The new, gated village of Bilderberg Ali seamlessly combines values of charming heritage and new perspectives. The modern mood is revived through layout, design and decoration. Villas with four and five bedrooms, all exclusively in one row, have spacious courtyards and garages with chargers for electric cars.

In the city center there will be a garden surrounded by a civic and cultural complex that includes the town hall, concert hall, museum, theater, library and hospitals

Six wide main avenues would radiate from this center. Concentric to this urban core would be a park, a combination of a shopping mall and a winter garden, a residential area, and then, on the outer edge, industry. The traffic would take place along avenues that extend along the radius and concentrically.

The development includes the following zones:

  • Residential zone
  • Commercial zone
  • Retail zone
  • Shopping zone
  • Hotel zone 
  • Banking zone
  • Agricultural zone